Hyundai cars will have disinfection technology in the future

Facing the risk of viruses that are harmful to humans, Hyundai has said it will develop technology to help clean the cabin, protecting users from health concerns. 

Recently, South Korea Hyundai Motor has just announced a research and development project for ultraviolet (UV) technology in car disinfection. This technology is inherently used in public places such as hospitals, railway stations, entertainment centers … 

Specifically, according to Hyundai’s research, ultraviolet rays generate radiation strong enough to kill bacteria such as mold, mold and some other viruses. By applying this technology to interior lights mounted on the ceiling, the Korean automaker believes in the feasibility of the project with a positive meaning for the health of users. 

However, due to the peculiarity of the light attached to the UV light, it will not reach the hidden corners, limiting radiation flow, so researchers are also embarking on the application of the air conditioner system. In addition to removing pathogens from frequently used locations such as leather seats, dashboard, steering wheel, gear lever … this technology also contributes to the removal of harmful CO2 for human health. people. 

In particular, to ensure the safety of people and animals from UV radiation, disinfecting and air-cleaning technology manufactured by Hyundai will only be activated when the inside of the vehicle is empty of people or animals. . 

In addition, Hyundai said that the sterilization technology will soon be tested on its models in the future. As for now, the Korean car manufacturer is trying to research and find ways to apply this humane technology with the lowest production costs.